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How to clean your Rubik’s cube

Posted by michiel on July 2, 2007

Today I found out a great trick. The inside of my cube get’s quite dirty after a couple of weeks. Usually it also gets stiff because of the dirt buildup. And I hate cleaning my cube. It’s so boring, and all the time while taking out pieces, cleaning them one by one, I cannot cube! But here’s a neat little trick that will clean your cube within a minute, hell 30 seconds is enough.

  1. Take a small piece of paper, e.g. a napkin
  2. Fold it until it has a small tip
  3. Take out one edge of your cube
  4. Push the paper in the hole, not too tight
  5. Start turning the layer a full turn until it’s back in position
  6. Make a move sideways, repeat step 5

After some practice you also get better at this.

My life has just gotten better and my cube is now always slick. I still need a solution to my silicon treatment though (I don’t mean my breasts, hey I am a guy!). After spraying some silicon in my cube, it’s stiff for around 30 minutes to an hour. Does anybody have suggestions how to get the cube slick faster without taking apart the cube?


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