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Daily cube news of June 29, 2007

Posted by michiel on June 29, 2007

Virginia Tech students compete, build flying Rubik’s Cube
Virginia Tech Collegiate Times Online Edition – Blacksburg,VA,USA
Team “Rubik’s Revenge,” made up of two architecture majors and four engineering students, created a flying Rubik’s Cube and impressed thousands at Red
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McCaskill: Immigration vote sign of Bush’s irrelevance
And we need to make that not such a Rubik’s Cube for them. It is very difficult that people wait an interminably long time and we need to first fix legal immigration so it works more effectively and efficiently.
Politics Blog –

By Frank McCown(Frank McCown)
Researchers at Northeastern University have demonstrated the minimum number of moves needed to solve a Rubik’s Cube is 26. I came across Citizendium this week. It’s essentially a Wikipedia where only the educated and pre-approved can
Questio Verum –


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