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Daily cube news of June 25, 2007

Posted by michiel on June 25, 2007

Rubik’s Cube speed solvers are quick to share their secrets
Chicago Tribune – United States
Underlying the chatter and an occasional cheer was the distinctive clack of hands manipulating Rubik’s Cubes, those peculiar puzzles that, after enjoying …
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Another excommunicated idea spewed out for no good reason.
I should of known there was no good explaination for the events at hand. I will assume the typical role of the “uninformed gent”. I prefer it that way from time to time. It is all placed in the …
Scotty’s Rubik’s Cube Life -… –

Troy with Rubik’s Cube
By (Eric Longstaff)
Eric Longstaff posted a photo:. Troy with Rubik’s Cube.
Photos from Eric Longstaff –

Evening Reading: 6/24/07
By Kent
Impress your friends by solving the Rubik’s Cube. Here’s part 2. I’m not sure which surprises me more: that Apple passed Amazon in music sales or that Walmart and Best Buy are one and two. I haven’t bought a CD in a bricks and mortar …
Newsome.Org –

Rubik’s Cube Jr.
American International Toy Fair 2006 Preview – Rubik’s Cube Jr. from Winning Moves.
About Board / Card Games: Most… –

You can learn a lot from a movie
By Absolutely Bananas
Life lesson #2: If you can do a Rubik’s Cube, you can do anything. Marie Antoinette. Life lesson #1: Don’t get married when you’re 14. You might end up with a husband who you’re not compatible with. Life lesson #2: Women through the …
Absolutely Bananas –

The search for ‘God’s Number’ in a Rubik’s Cube
Boston Globe – United States
Cubing — as it is known — has had a revival, thanks to the growing popularity of “speedcubing” competitions to see who can take a randomly scrambled cube …


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