The Rubik’s cube

Michiel and his cube

Daily cube news of June 25, 2007

Posted by michiel on June 25, 2007

Rubik’s Cube speed solvers are quick to share their secrets
Chicago Tribune – United States
Underlying the chatter and an occasional cheer was the distinctive clack of hands manipulating Rubik’s Cubes, those peculiar puzzles that, after enjoying …
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Another excommunicated idea spewed out for no good reason.
I should of known there was no good explaination for the events at hand. I will assume the typical role of the “uninformed gent”. I prefer it that way from time to time. It is all placed in the …
Scotty’s Rubik’s Cube Life -… –

Troy with Rubik’s Cube
By (Eric Longstaff)
Eric Longstaff posted a photo:. Troy with Rubik’s Cube.
Photos from Eric Longstaff –

Evening Reading: 6/24/07
By Kent
Impress your friends by solving the Rubik’s Cube. Here’s part 2. I’m not sure which surprises me more: that Apple passed Amazon in music sales or that Walmart and Best Buy are one and two. I haven’t bought a CD in a bricks and mortar …
Newsome.Org –

Rubik’s Cube Jr.
American International Toy Fair 2006 Preview – Rubik’s Cube Jr. from Winning Moves.
About Board / Card Games: Most… –

You can learn a lot from a movie
By Absolutely Bananas
Life lesson #2: If you can do a Rubik’s Cube, you can do anything. Marie Antoinette. Life lesson #1: Don’t get married when you’re 14. You might end up with a husband who you’re not compatible with. Life lesson #2: Women through the …
Absolutely Bananas –

The search for ‘God’s Number’ in a Rubik’s Cube
Boston Globe – United States
Cubing — as it is known — has had a revival, thanks to the growing popularity of “speedcubing” competitions to see who can take a randomly scrambled cube …


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